Welcome to .rodi.dk - the online home and personal website of Jens Christian Rodi Hansen. Here you can find information on things that have my interest, such as making music, software and photography.

This site also acts as home for ProgramLaunch, MusicCubeOne and ToolBox, software that I have written for my personal use and share with anyone interested:



November 16th 2011 - Site moved

Site moved to new servers at unoeuro.dk

November 9th 2009 - Updated curriculum vitae

The qualification information on my curriculum vitae pages (English and Danish) have now been updated to reflect recent changes. It's also available in PDF format for printing (English and Danish).

October 23rd 2009 - Lensgrevindens Serenade Ensemble

Added short page in the music section on Lensgrevindens Serenade Ensemble, an chamberorchestra that I've done a couple of concerts with.


 There is currently no information available on upcoming concerts. Please check back later.

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